Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 11 Executive Board Meeting
Jan 13 Virtual New Member Orientation
Jan 19 2017 Greater Atlanta ATD Kickoff & Meet your Leaders
Jan 19 Community Involvement: Help Sort at the Atlanta Food Bank
Jan 24 Learning Technologies CoP: Engaging Top Talent with Augmented and Virtual Reality
Jan 30 Board of Directors Meeting
Jan 31 Professional Development: Globalization, Innovation, and the Changing Nature of Work
Feb 10 Sales Enablement CoP : Webinar : Accelerating Sales through Coaching
Feb 16 Executive Board Meeting
Feb 16 Chapter Meeting: Only 30% of Org. Transformations Succeed: We Can Do Better!
Feb 16 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Mar 05 Community Involvement: Food Bank Walk / Run
Mar 08 Career Development CoP: Introduction to StrengthsFinder 2.0
Mar 09 Executive Board Meeting
Mar 10 Virtual New Member Orientation
Mar 10 Board of Directors Meeting
Mar 14 Learning Technologies CoP: Building Interactive eBooks for Mobile Learning with Sarah Gilbert
Mar 24 L & D CoP Webinar: Brains at Work: What Science Knows About Elevating Employee Performance 365 Days a Year
Mar 28 Sales Enablement CoP: 3 Ways to Connect Your Marketing & Sales Using LinkedIn
Apr 11 Executive Board Meeting
Apr 11 Chapter Meeting: Making a Difference: Effective Communication and Decision Making for Leaders
Apr 11 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Apr 17 Articulate Storyline 2 Comprehensive - Workshop
Apr 21 Learning Technology CoP Webinar: Section 508 Instructional Design Compliance with Articulate Storyline
Apr 28 Global Talent Series Breakfast: Learning From Tomorrow
May 10 Executive Board Meeting
May 12 PowerPoint Tired? Learn Two Great New Storytelling Tools: Sway and VideoScribe!
May 12 Board of Directors Meeting
May 15 Virtual New Member Orientation
May 21 ATD ICE
Jun 13 Executive Board Meeting
Jun 13 Chapter Meeting: Engaging Employees through Enterprise Gamification
Jun 13 Chapter Meeting
Jun 13 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Jul 13 Executive Board Meeting
Jul 17 Virtual New Member Orientation
Aug 15 Executive Board Meeting
Aug 22 Chapter Meeting
Aug 22 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Sep 14 Executive Board Meeting
Sep 15 Virtual New Member Orientation
Sep 15 Board of Directors Meeting
Oct 17 Executive Board Meeting
Oct 17 Chapter Meeting
Oct 17 Welcome! New Member Orientation
Nov 09 Executive Board Meeting
Nov 10 Virtual New Member Orientation
Nov 10 Board of Directors Meeting
Dec 12 Executive Board Meeting
Dec 12 Chapter Meeting
Dec 12 Welcome! New Member Orientation